I was invited to give another invited talk at the Optical Interference Coatings 2013 conference in Whistler which took place from June 16th to the 23rd. The presentation went really well and I got lots of positive feedback. As is often the case, these conferences can be grueling and don’t offer much opportunity to visit anything other than the interior of your hotel; nevertheless, I was able to find a few hours to walk around and take a few pictures.  Enjoy!

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Jade Canoe by Canadian artist Bill Reid on display at the Vancouver international airport. A picture of this statue was also present on our previous 20$ Canadian banknotes!

The Jade Canoe

I took a limousine bus down to Whistler; we passed by downtown Vacouver so I had a chance to have a quick glimpse of what I’d been told is a beautiful city. Just as we entered the city, we were welcomed by a series of condo towers which I found very reminiscent of Hong Kong; perhaps this is partly due to the large Asian community in Vacouver?

Welcome to Vancouver

The view on our way to Whistler was spectacular!

Going to Whistler

After two hours and a half, we finally arrived at my hotel in Whistler; the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Whistler which is 5 minutes away from the Whistler village. The conference was also held in the same hotel.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Night time…

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Day time!

This is the hall where I presented my work; there was approximately 250 people during my talk!

Presentation Hall

View from my room at the Fairmont on the 8th floor on Sunday the 16…

View from my room

On a cloudier day; the weather was not particularly pleasant during my stay… I believe this is typical in Whistler during the summer.

View from my room II

One of the ski slopes in Whistler…

Sunset in Whistler

On my way to Whistler village.

The bench

Bridge over the rapids…




Whistler was also the host of many alpine competitions during the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics.  Here’s a picture of a child playing in the Olympic rings that I just love;  I find it is a perfect example of the Olympic dream!

Olympic dreams

Olympic rings


Clock tower

The plaza


Beach chairs

Vancouver 2010



The same bridge shown earlier with the lens flare but this time by night…


Rainbow bridge II

Long exposure…

Motion blur

I like the fairy-like feeling of this photo…

Fairy trees


More to come soon!


  1. Diane
    June 29, 2013

    Very good work Billy,
    I can picture myself sitting on the bench in the forest and just feel serene, your photo did that, bravo!

  2. Danièle
    July 1, 2013

    Quel sens artistique!!! BRAVO.

  3. Dave Powell
    July 4, 2013

    I love the bridge shot with the lens flare. I can never do that well…

    • billscom
      July 4, 2013

      Thanks Dave!


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