I still had a few pictures of my trip to Whistler British Columbia which I found interesting so here we go…

Here’s a chandelier I found imaginative in a local restaurant.


Coming back from the restaurant we were greeted by a beautiful sunset.


On Thursday evening, following the day’s last presentation, I had about 1h30 before heading out for dinner with some of my colleagues so obviously, I headed out to take some more pictures!

Flower basket

I decided to go up on one of the ski slopes by foot (in my conference clothes!). Fortunately, the ground wasn’t to wet and I didn’t ruin my shoes.


Wooden walkway

Along the way up, there were some very nice homes,what I guess were hotels and side roads.


Since I didn’t have much time and the weather kept threatening to drop some rain, I didn’t go very high up; here are some people I crossed on my way back down.

Goind down


Green and red

Once back down, I decided to walk around the hotel and take a few pictures. The following one shows where the conference attendees had breakfast every morning; this tent was outdoors, but luckily it was heated. I have to say, the food was excellent every morning!


The desk

Well that’s about it for my Whistler pictures. I hope you enjoyed!


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