Shibuya and the yukatas

On our second day, we had reserved some kimonos – or in this case yukatas which are a lighter version of a kimono for the summer period – for a photo shoot. The store’s name is Kimono Rental Aki and it was and still is situated in Shibuya. To get there, we took the metro and passed by Shinjuku station; the busiest metro station in the world! More than 3.64 million passengers on average pass by this station everyday  (2007), there are 36 platforms and more than 200 exits (thanks Wikipedia)! Nevertheless, we were able to find our way and after asking a few people to help us (a few pedestrians, a police officer and a couple with an iPhone who were kind enough to find the place for us using their GPS!).

Shinjuku station

On our way there, we also passed by one of the busiest intersections in the world: Shibuya crossing. All light turn red at the same time and literally hundreds of people start crossing the street in all directions.

Shibyya crossing

Some shops and restaurants in the area.


Having found the place, we then went to eat some Korean food in a restaurant nearby.

Korean food

After our excellent meal, we headed to the kimono rental shop. I have to mention that the service we received there was simply outstanding. Not only had we exchanged more than half a dozen emails before our arrival in order to make sure everything would be perfect, but once there they really made sure that everything was to our liking. They even went as far as ordering some yukatas for our daughter since the owner considered that their formal kimonos would have been too uncomfortable for her! We were also able to buy our daughter’s yukata which made for a great souvenir.

My wife, daughter and mother-in-law all dressed-up, we then went for a one and a half our walk around the neighborhood and simultaneously a short photo shoot. The lighting conditions were not ideal since it was 13h30 and the sun was bashing down on us, but nevertheless, I was able to get some great shots! Obviously, for privacy reasons, I won’t be posting clear pictures of my daughter, but here are some of the pictures I really like.

Getting dressed

Many pedestrians would stop us during our short walk and complement us…


My wife
My beautiful wife

Waiting for the train

Going up


After our photo session, we decided to visit the Meiji Shrine which is not too far away. Here are some pictures taken along the way:


Love the cat’s face on this one.



Near Shibuya

Crossing the street

Shibuya crossing, but this time with more people…

Shibuya crossing


The beautiful architecture of the Yoyogi National Gymnasium designed by Kenzo Tange for the 1964 Olympics (swimming and diving).

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Next post, Meiji Shrine… Stay tuned!

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