Day 1 – Continued

On the second half of our first official visiting day, we walked from the Yasukuni shrine to Akihabara, the electronics and manga disctrict. As you’ll see on the pictures, it’s a really special place!

Camera configuration: Nikon D800 equipped with a 24-70 mm f/2.8 Nikon lens + circular polarizer or 50 mm f/1.8 Nikon lens.


Walking through the book district; in this case most probably second hand books.

Books books books



On a street corner

Another book store; not one square inch is left unused! The owner was hiding in the dark space on the right near the center.

Hidden in a hole


Even the train tracks look cool in Tokyo…!

Train tracks

Behold, Akihabara! Land of electronic products and manga related material.


You can find all sorts of mangas, gadgets and even figurines; for young and older!  The one on the right is 470$!

Adult kittens

Radio Shack to the power of ten!

Radio Shack

Sega is still very popular in Japan.


Music store selling J-Pop albums (Japenese-Pop). This is where I heard this song from Fifth Dimension (you can see the videoclip of the song Birth Ø Birth playing on the right).  I was really surreal with the mix of colors, music, sounds, etc.!


Sega II

Akihabara II


This is where we found my wife’s colleague’s mangas (Naruto) she had asked us to find. Good thing we had printed their covers since we probably would never have found them; we obviously had some help from a seller!

Mangas II

Maid cafes where the waitresses are dressed in as French household maids are also very popular in Akihabara.

French maids

Manga III

Having found some souvenirs, we finally headed back to our hotel. We decided that we would go have supper just my wife and I. We found a restaurant not to far from our hotel which was underground.  Once inside, we were highly encouraged to order Chanko; it turns out that Chanko is the traditional meal of sumo wrestlers! We didn’t expect this at all! Overall it was very good; basically chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables in a chicken broth with mirin and/or sake. We didn’t even finish our bowl and a sumo eats at least three!


Chanko II

My wife, myself and our sumo chef!

Sumo chef

Heading back to our hotel, we stopped to take a few pictures in what I considered the perfect conditions: night time with a slight rain! I just love the neon signs reflected in the puddles and people walking around with their umbrellas; it doesn’t get more Blade Runner-like than this!

Cycling umbrella

Blade Runner-like

Restaurant in the night


These vending machines are outside and practically on every street corner! Really convenient and drinks are really not expensive (100 yen = ~ 1$).

Vending machine

This concluded our first travel day in Tokyo. Next-up, Shibuya, Meiji Shrine, and more!

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