Just a few pictures I took on our yearly visit to the Sugar Shack with my work collegues.  We’ve been going to the same place for a couple of years now and the food is always good. Plus, there’s a small animal farm, always popular with the little ones, as well as the possibility to do a short carriage tour pulled by horses through the surrounding forest. Enjoy the pictures!

I love the conjunction of the old wood and rusted metal textures; plus the mosaic on the windows adds a nice touch.

Green door

Rust and wood


A vintage Coke machine; once again love the wood, vintage machine feeling!

Vintage Coke Machine


Took this shot on the fly and finally it came out really well. I’ve noticed that the pictures taken without thinking and more by “instinct” are very often the ones I prefer.  Kind of reminds me of Bruce Lee’s “no mind” philosophy (relics of my Kung Fu background!).  I’ll try to “become one with the camera” more often when taking pictures in the future!


Hard at work

My wife and daughter…

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

That’s all for today!


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  1. cristal
    April 12, 2013

    these pictures are just amazing!!!!! i love them!!!!! you really know how to capture the moment!!!!!


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