Well hello everyone and welcome to my last Tokyo post! It has taken me half a year to go through all my photos and post them on this site; this is way too long… but the most important is always to finish the job right?

Now, on our last day in Tokyo, we decided to spend part of our day in Ginza, one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world according to Wikipedia and after being there, I can confirm! However, before heading out there, we stopped in Shibuya for some last minute souvenir shopping at Oriental Bazaar and Kiddy Land.

Camera configuration: Nikon D800 equipped with a 24-70 mm f/2.8 Nikon lens or 50 mm f/1.8 Nikon lens.

Traditional house on our way there… always fun to see the contrast between modern and ancient Tokyo.


We were surprised by how much French we could see in Tokyo; it seems that the Japanese are crazy for anything French. A quick anecdote, during my TOEO conference, the invited speakers were invited to a French restaurant which went by the name Île des Pains (there was an s missing for the plural form of Pain; this name actually means Island of Breads). When I first stepped into the restaurant I was surprised to notice a Hawaiian decor! While the restaurant had a French name, they had a Hawaiian decor and served Italian inspired food! Once again, only in Japan will you find such weird combinations of styles…


School children in Shibuya…School children

These types of converted minivans/restaurants are apparently very popular in Tokyo…

Converted car
Kiddy Land… four floors of mostly Sanrio madness…

Down the stairs

Hello Kitty Madness


Next stop, Ginza…!

Metro ride

We first visited the Sony Building which contains a continuous showroom which showcases all of Sony’s products on six floors! We saw some really cool TV’s but unfortunately no OLED TV’s yet…

Sony Building

Break time…


As you can see, even the buildings in Ginza are richly decorated!



It’s moments like these where we would of liked to be able to read Japanese!





Now this is what I call narrow-living…

Narrow living

On our trip back to our hotel, we got stuck in the rush hour period; you can imagine us three plus our open stroller! Just when you think no one else can enter, people squeeze in and more people come in! At least 5 or 6 people took our place once we came out! I kept saying “sumimasen… sumimasen”… sorry in Japanese!

Rush hour

Finally, once home, we decided to have supper with Ellie this time. While searching, we fell upon this beautiful cat…

Japanese cat


We ended up in a restaurant serving okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with various ingredients… Here’s the chef preparing our meal.

The chef

We enjoyed our supper although if I remember correctly, we found that our pancake had a slightly pronounced fish taste, most probably due to the use of fish sauce which is traditional in Asian cuisine… next time we’ll remember to tell the chef to go easy on the fish sauce 😉


Au revoir

Last day in Tokyo…

For our trip back home, we decided to once again use the same limousine-bus service which we had used upon arriving in Tokyo. Since our hotel was not one of the stopping destinations, we took a taxi to the Park Hyatt hotel where a few days ago we had drunk some fine cocktails (see previous post: A night out in Shinjuku). While waiting for the bus, I took this shot of the very tall and impressive Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

My wife and daughter admiring the water fountains…

Goodbye Tokyo I

Goodbye Tokyo… 🙁

Goodbye Tokyo II

As you’ve probably guessed by reading this blog, we loved our trip to Tokyo and we will definitely travel back to Japan in a few years. Next time, we plan on visiting Kyoto and therefore the more traditional side of Japan.

Well, that’s it for my pictures of Tokyo… I’ll soon post some photos of our trip to Magog we did this summer, a small town near Montreal which is obviously not as exciting as Tokyo but nevertheless interesting! Thanks for reading.



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