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I’m back! I’ve finally completed all of my Tokyo pictures and will therefore be adding some additional posts shortly. This post is the first series of photos taken during our day in Asakusa. As you’ll see, we were expecting to see some people but not such a huge crowd! In fact, it turns out it was the weekend festival of Sanja Matsuri, the largest of three Shinto festivals in Tokyo. During three days, more than 2 million people participate to this lively and really exotic, at least for us, event!

Camera configuration: Nikon D800 equipped with a 24-70 mm f/2.8 Nikon lens or 50 mm f/1.8 Nikon lens.

Right before entering Nakamise street, we could see the Asahi Beer Hall with its golden flame (also known as the “golden turd”).

Asahi beer hall

Already, we could see that something special must be happening since there were much more police men present…

Police men

Ahhh, kitties…

Cat craze

We had been looking for souvenirs for quite some time in Tokyo, without much success… Nakamise street, which is more than 250 meters long, contains more than 50 shops all selling traditional Japenese products; we had hit the jackpot!

Nakamise street

School boy

Lantern in a see of people

Mister in red

Happy times

One of three Mikoshis, miniature versions of the Asakusa temple, which weigh approximately 1000 kg each and are worth 400 000$ (statues are in gold of covered in gold foil). About 40 people share the load while carrying the Mikoshis around the neighborhood!



It was really interesting to see all the different personalities of the people carrying the Mikoshis; some were really happy while others were clearly suffering from the load and extreme heat.

Joyous times


Funny how all Japenese children and adults would make the “peace sign” as soon as a camera was pointed at them!


Peace II

That’s it for today; more to come soon!

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