Here are some links to photography sites I really enjoy.

A great source of inspiration for photography lovers; also a great place to share your best pictures (my personal portfolio is accessible here).

 ShootTokyo logo

I found this website while preparing for my trip toTokyo. Great photos of Tokyo, Kyoto and more! Dave shoots with film which gives his pictures a timeless feel.The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes’s excellent video podcast on the history of photography, various styles and techniques, film and digital photography, books on photography, etc.!

Michael Kenna

Although you may not know his name, I’m sure you’ve seen his black and white photos somewhere! Simply an outstanding photographer.

Kim HøltermandKim Høltermand’s is an architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark who works as a fingerprints expert for the Danish National Police. His pictures have a minimalistic, very geometrical (even scientific), ghostly and eerie feeling which you might have guest is just what I like!

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  1. Brent Boyce
    February 6, 2014

    Great photos Bill, great webpage!

    Here is a link to that page I was talking about, like I said, a little photoshop feel, but still some amazing images… all with a Nikon D800!


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